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01. Be respectful and courteous of all members. This means do not flame, do not harass others and do not use profane or vulgar language.
02. Do not spam links that are unrelated to thememotion. It is alright to mention your own website once and a while and to have your link in your profile and signature,or when a moderator ask for it but that's it.
03. Before posting a question in one of the thememotion forums, please be sure to read through the FAQ forum. It may save everyone some time.
04. Please do not make useless posts that contribute nothing to the community. Things like "First post on second page" and just "I don't know" are a good way to lose your posting privileges.
05. Do not make threads directed towards one user (whether they are moderator or not). If what you want to talk about concerns only one person, please send them a private message.or chat to them in the chat room!!
06. dont double post and dont go off topic u got something to say to someone or want chat to someone please use pm or go to the chatroom!
07. The posting of illegal download sites, "where do I download X software?" threads, and links to sites in my forum will get a warning (3max)

08. Do not post everytime telling people to check another portion of the site. For example, do not make a thread telling me to check my PMs or to look at your thread.
09. Please don't say "sorry for spamming" -- you obviously know you shouldn't be spamming, so please just don't do it in the first place and save everyone the trouble.
10. If someone is flooding the forum and a moderator is not online to take care of it, do not reply to their posts. It will cause their threads to fall off the front page where they can be ignored by everyone.
11. Please try to use proper grammar on the board. The moderators have no way of helping you if we can't understand what you're saying, so please refrain from using "1337speak" and the like.
12. Please keep this site chilld friendly. No sexual comments or remarks, and no drug references are allowed.
13.TyPiNg LiKe ThIs - Do not type in all caps or in alternating caps. No one finds it funny and it's really annoying to have to read a message like that.
14.Repeat Posts - Do not keep repeating the same post over and over, even if it is on seperate pages of a thread. The staff will delete your posts if this happens and you could be warned.
15.color codes and bolt text is only aloud by admin and moderator.
16. enjoy your stay