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[Gu]How To Make a Game Config?? Empty [Gu]How To Make a Game Config??

Post by Sils on Sat Jan 12, 2008 12:35 pm

How To Make a Game Config??

*Well simply we all know that configs were meant for cheat aimbots to set it while you play by simpe clicks,its goes like openning console nad then /exec it and done the set is on,wait...
but we stil dont know how to make a conifg so lets go back to the past and learn.

First of all be fore writing something you should open a noteped and The start we the header.
Of course if you want people to copy your cfg's so if not put "COPYRIGHTS 07-08 [NAME]"
i know we all can erize this and say its ours,but look down dudes,all are cheaters and should pay attention to each other for loyalty!

Ok now you can start wrting for real.
There is Tacic way to get good cfg's.
first go to the game.
then just set each kills and review your best as the top then test them agein and see if the vecz are good then do the final test look who get the highest acc and kills eah map and the best will win and will get to be in the cfg.
while you did that.
you can now start settings it and call your first top header of each set for eg:"Aimbot set" or"AimBot" you can do it as you wish.

ill Base here my own set way but you cna edit it...
eth_set aimtype always
eth_set autofire on
eth_set fov 360
eth_set aimsort targeting
eth_set locktarget off
eth_set headbody headpriority
eth_set hitbox custom
eth_set trace randsurface
eth_set predself_type 2
eth_set atkvalid off
eth_set predtarget 0.001
eth_set predself 0.000
eth_set dynamichitbox 4.1
eth_set coop off
eth_set autocrouch on
eth_set animcor 0.683
And so on.. you will need to do...
so the other people will understand ,where they can edit the cfg for there own.
for eg:a guy dl the cfg and sees alot of sets that are mixed and he cant get them ,for eg where is the the aimbot sets etc..and if you do it like cats it will get better search.

also there alot more a cats to edit.
and i can give you a base.
Download: http://www.megafileupload.com/en/file/36272/Base-tut-cfg.html
change some settings and set them as you want.
and ofc remember that the cfg most be in etmin and the cfg most be on exec mode.
that when you save you should check this... write:[name].cfg/simpy there allways writed *.txt so change it.


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[Gu]How To Make a Game Config?? Empty Re: [Gu]How To Make a Game Config??

Post by Pwnage on Sat Jan 12, 2008 2:01 pm

Nice stuff too :p thx :p

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