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[tutorial]Basic Toggles Empty [tutorial]Basic Toggles

Post by FreckleS on Thu Jan 03, 2008 12:14 am

hey guys im sure most people know how to make a simple toggle but if not here is an outline of it.

A toggle is like a light switch there is ON and there is OFF they are toggled between by a SET command and a VSTR command

There is 2 SET's to each line of a basic toggle,
the SET of the name of your command so-
set name1
then you need your et console command so in this case of a name toggle it is
set name1 "name Name1"
but that is only the first part and to toggle between other names you need another SET
set name1 "name Name1; set nextname vstr name2"
ok now we are almost through but how do you know what name you just toggled to? you need an ECHO
set name1 "name Name1; set nextname vstr  name2; echo Renamed to-Name1"
woo that is the first half of the toggle done now you need the name2 refered to above
we use the same approach as above
set name2 "name Name2; set nextname vstr name1; echo Renamed to-Name2"
now to finish it off
set name1 "Name1; set nextname vstr name2; echo Renamed to-Name1"
set name2 "Name2; set nextname vstr name1; echo Renamed to-Name2"
set nextname "vstr name1"
bind n "vstr nextname"

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